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Organic Cocoa Rice Milk 200ml ProBios

The product is completely lactose and gluten free, with no added sugar, a great choice for a full breakfast, or to help the body recharge after a tiring day of study and work.

39,000 đ

Sottolestelle Organic Apple Carrot Cookies 300g

Ingredients: All-purpose flour 53%, rice syrup, extra virgin olive oil 10%, rice flour, apple puree 4%, apple juice concentrate 2.5%, carrot 1%

135,000 đ

Dalla Costa Organic Organic Vegetable Noodles 300g Dalla Costa

Provide your baby with additional sources of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K. vitamin B1, strengthen the immune system and help build strong bones

125,000 đ

Mickey Mouse Organic Vegetable Noodles 300g Dalla Costa

Give your baby an extra source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K. vitamin B1, strengthen the immune system and help build strong bones.

125,000 đ

Familia Children's Chocolate Cereal 375g

The product contains many vitamins and fiber that increase resistance and strengthen bones. At the same time, it does not contain cholesterol and is recommended for heart health.

226,000 đ

Jungle Crunch cereal for kids Familia 250g

Cereal has a special composition because the cake is combined with many natural fruit flavors, so the cake will be very delicious, fragrant, crispy and contain many good nutrients for the mother and baby's body.

139,500 đ

Goldfish Pepperidge Cheesecake 187g

The cake also helps to provide iron and calcium and a sufficient source of energy to replenish fatigue after a long time of studying and working.

80,500 đ

Organic beneficial seaweed for baby 56g

Seaweed is a great source of vitamins and minerals, and other phytonutrients are really natural and healthy.

230,000 đ

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Commitment to the quality of organic products

GVC's distributed organic products are chosen carefully from reputable importers and domestic manufacturers. These products have high quality, health assurance, organic food certification from large organizations, beautiful packaging, and eco-friendly packaging.

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GVC wants to bring to our middle and upper class customers high quality organic foods and health care products that are environmentally friendly and towards the sustainable development of society.